The Academy of Real Assets

Annual Essay Competition

The Academy of Real Assets National Essay Competition occurs annually during the academic year and is designed to encourage students from across the UK to produce a short piece of writing related to a specific prompt, related to real estate and real assets.

Each year, we publish these student submissions in print and online and send them to 3,000 schools, leading employers, universities, and the media.

The 2024 Competition

“In 2050, Cities Will Be…”

How will AI influence our built environment? What effect will climate change have on our cities? How will town planning respond to population change?

In the 2023/2024 academic year, we are asking students around the UK to submit an 800 word essay or one minute film using the prompt “In 2050, cities will be..”


Winners will be published in a physical book or have their films showcased online. All student entrants will be invited to a launch party in Central London, where they can meet other successful entrants and celebrate with family, friends and teachers.

Students who attend the launch party will be able to meet Academy members, professionals from across the real estate and real assets sector, with opportunities for work experience and insight into careers in real estate.


This competition is completely free and open to UK students. All entries must be submitted by April 19th 2024. Student submitting essays must give details of a named sponsor.

To submit, or download a campaign pack for your school or youth organisation, use the buttons below. If you have any queries, email

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Hear From Some of The Students Who Took Part in 2023

The Essay Competition

Put Your Imagination to the Test…

Get your essay published

A once in a life time opportunity to get your creative essay published in a book. The book will be distributed to schools across the UK, top universities, and employers within industry.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone

As mentioned The Academy would like to encourage all students “to have a go”, there is no right or wrong!

Build your portfolio

All students who submit an essay will get a certificate of participation issued by The Academy. You will have something different to show to boost your CV, making you stand out in future applications, especially if you get published.

Sign up for next year!

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