The Academy’s Mission


Increasing accessibility and diversity for Young Talent

Through the Academy’s key programmes and events, we seek to increase accessibility and diversity through connecting young talent, in the UK, to the World of Real Assets.

Generating a positive social impact

As we aggregate our members’ resources, skills, and enthusiasm, the scope to help large numbers of students, both socially and financially, starts to become really meaningful.

Building meaningful partnership to achieve our mission

At the Academy we are committed to building meaningful partnerships with others to support one another to achieve the same social goal.

Social, Intellectual and Commercial

Bringing together the World of Real Assets

The Academy will hold regular members events to allow members to get together and make new connects with those in the industry.

An "Intellectual Breather"

The Academy will host quarterly social events, inviting an array of diverse and interesting speakers, who will be experts in fields other than Real Estate, Real Assets or Investing.